HR Pals

Jon R.
E-Learning Company

I have worked with hundreds of vendors and partners over my career and working with HR Pals has been the best partnership I’ve ever experienced. When I initially made the decision to outsource our HR services, I was worried that I would still need to perform many HR functions that would be outside of the scope of services that a firm like HR Pals would provide.  However, they described themselves as being an extension of our company and they pushed us to think of them as our own internal team.  They then walked the talk and delivered on that promise again and again.  Their professionalism, service, expertise, guidance, and patience has not only been superior to other vendors, it often exceeds what I’ve experienced previously from my internal HR teams.

Steve A.
Consumer Products Company

HR Pals is the perfect HR solution for our growing organization.  When HR Pals took over, we had no structure in place.  The HR Pals team did an in-depth assessment of our HR policies and processes and provided us with a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our HR function and a thoughtful set of recommendations. We engaged them to implement HR best practices across the organization and were so impressed with their initial performance that we decided to hire them as our virtual HR and Payroll team. We are a much better organization and have complete peace of mind knowing that they are on our team.  They do a great job with all of our recruiting too!

Brian C.
Software Company

I contacted HR Pals when our HR Manager resigned. We’re a high-growth venture backed software company, and I wasn’t sure exactly what level of HR staffing I needed, so I thought outsourcing would be a good approach. I’ve been incredibly pleased with the work they have done for us – from managing the day to day employee relations issues, to keeping us compliant, to recruiting for several key positions, to helping us develop commission plans, even helping us develop and manage our employee survey. They bring a lot more to the table than the other HR companies out there. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Kyle S.
Education Non-Profit
Chief of Finance & Operations

One of our Board members introduced me to HR Pals, when our HR Director resigned. We have over 700 employees, and needed interim HR leadership and operational support. We also needed assistance to find a new HR Director. HR Pals was able to help us do both! As our Interim HR Director, they did more than “keeping the trains running on time” – they helped us improve several key HR processes, develop our existing HR staff, and help us with HR systems decisions. Additionally, they identified several quality candidates for the HR Director and helped me interview them to ensure that I was asking the right questions and assessing the right skills and competencies. Thank you HR Pals!

Ian R.
Chemical Company

We are a growing company with multiple locations in multiple states that needs quite a bit of help with our HR processes, systems and documentation. Most importantly, we need help taking care of our people. Rather than going the traditional route of hiring an in-house, full-time HR Manager, we hired HR Pals. Although HR Pals is a third-party organization, they operate in a similar fashion to having a full-service internal HR Department. They are very proactive and also extremely responsive to our needs. The HR Pals team has extensive experience working in various industries and came highly recommended by trusted folks in our network.

Doug S.
Manufacturing Company

We needed support with C-suite HR challenges with restructuring, then growing the business. We outsourced our HR management to Jamie and Rob at HR Pals with the assignment of strategizing and executing high risk personnel changes, establishing new HR policies, and management training and development. It was a pleasure working with people who understood the situations but were able to think ‘out of the box’ when called for.

Recruiting Pals

Greg S.
Healthcare IT

In my 30+ years in healthcare IT and healthcare services, I have worked with many recruiting firms, and for the most part the experiences were mediocre at best. However, partnering with HR Pals over the past 5 years has been a breath of fresh air.  During this time, they have found over 150 new hires for us, with a great fee structure that hasn’t blown our budget.  I was so impressed with the quality of their recruiting service, that I decided to outsource our entire HR function to them in 2016. They have done an amazing job supporting our growth from 30 to over 200 employees. The best part is that I get access to an entire HR and recruiting team with a great mix of both strategic and tactical skills.

Mark H.
Engineering Company

Over the past two years, we’ve worked with Recruiting Pals on three very different niche searches – including an executive level operations position and an extremely rare technical position. Each time, they were successful in helping us secure the right talent – and saved us tens of thousands of dollars in the process with their great fee structure. Although the number one reason we like to work with RP is that they get the best results. They were so effective, that members of our Board have since reached out to them to get help with hiring needs for their other companies. We’ve also referred friends and partners to Recruiting Pals, and they have had the same great results.

Frank K.
Renewable Energy Company

We needed to build our sales team quickly without compromising on quality.  We found Recruiting Pals’ unique approach to be a perfect fit – they did a great job of finding us high caliber candidates for us within a very tight timeline, all at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend working with Recruiting Pals.

Kristin W.
Telecommunications Company
Vice President, HR

We’ve been working with Recruiting Pals for over two years now and have been extremely pleased with the relationship. We consider HR Pals an extension of our talent acquisition team. In addition to finding us some great technical and operational talent, HR Pals also found us our Chief Operating Officer, Sr. VP of Marketing, and VP of Business Intelligence – and saved us a fortune because we didn’t have to use traditional headhunters!  We are not big users of external recruiters, but when we have a need, they are always my first and only call.

Peter P.
Marketing Company

With our company’s growth, we needed to fill multiple positions across our company.  We’ve used recruiting firms in the past, but didn’t have the luxury of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruiting fees.  Recruiting Pals’ low cost fee model intrigued us, so we gave them a try.  We were extremely impressed with the quality of candidates they found for us – which speaks well of their candidate sourcing and screening process. Thanks for coming through for us.